Updates for the First of July!

Hi, all! Today, in lieu of a more researched or “formal” blog post, I’m just going to put out a few notices!

This July, please stay tuned for some exciting website changes! We are adding a Testimonials page, and we are now more prominently featured on Google, where you are welcome to see our reviews!

Also on the website, I will be improving the functionality of our Booking site, as well as adding a few more options for service. We are also currently available on Angie’s List with information, and will be working with them (and hopefully, others!) to help serve Denver!

Mondays in July will be dubbed “Media Mondays,” and while I will continue this blog, I will be focusing mainly on marketing opportunities through our social media pages. We are also looking to enter partnerships with local businesses in order to spread the good news about what Ingenious can do for Denver. 

Finally, we have a few, limited time offers available to all customers. Right now, we are really testing to see how our people hear about us. If you read this blog, we have a promo code for you! Please enter B10g20xe19 at checkout for 10% off your Basic Installation service! Thank you, and happy July!

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