How the Author Realized They Were Not Magic: Automatic Doors.

Time to tell the truth. When I was little, I would spend however long I could annoying whomever I was with by going in and out of the automatic doors at the store. Acting as if I were magic, or pretending to get crushed by the doors, still more often than not, thinking that weight on the mat before the doors was what opened them, I would make a nuisance of myself. Even now, as an adult, I still take a silent thrill going through automatic doors.

Kids’ minds tend to wander and make up different reasons for why something works the way it does, substituting fantasy where plain observation would do. When that fades, and we decide that logic rules, many tend to rely on others to use imagination in everyday life. I guess, what I’m trying to say, on this summer afternoon, is that Ingenious’ whole point is to make life easier through automation. Doors opening and closing upon command, your doorbell telling you if there’s someone at the door, anything we can dream up. We want to make our imaginations work for you.

Automatic doors in the home are already possible, and available to the homeowner. Automatic doors have been used in various ways for many reasons, starting as far back as the 1st century. The original  invention is attributed to Heron of Alexandria, an engineer and mathematician. Notable adjustments include the optical (camera) trigger in 1931, and the automatic sliding door (using a mat/weight trigger) in 1954. So, it seems my childhood self wasn't off at all, thinking that some doors open by jumping on the mat!

Now, I personally love the new advancements in how automatic doors work. I especially cannot get over the E-Taf automatic door. This puppy is a doorway of about 35 rows of two-inch tall, vertical sliding metal bars that are split down the middle, and open when infrared sensors detect a user. These infared sensors determine the hight, and weight of a user to open in a shape tailored specifically for the user. Another door I think is wonderful, that is not necessarily  “automatic,” but it does fall into the realm of automation is the Ring door system. Well, I call it the Ring door system. Ring has an array of products, and a few of my favorite work alongside the door. The Ring video doorbell allows you to see who's outside your door, Ring security cameras and sensors allow you to know what's happening outside on your property (and inside your home, if you choose!) and when a door is open. Ring has paired with Schlage locks to give your door a keypad and a deadbolt you can lock and unlock from the ring app. I've seen these products in action, and use them myself, and I can tell you, there was nothing more satisfying and relieving for me to know that I could check out to make absolutely sure my doors were locked when I left home, and I could have the door unlocked and ready for me when I get home. I can even have the door unlocked for my mother, when she comes over, or give her her own personal code to unlock my doors. I'm sure it's only a matter of time before there's a function Ring makes that can open my door for me when my hands are full.

Let us help you dream. Use your (and our!) imaginations. And never stop having fun making the doors at the grocery store open with the Star Wars Force. ;)

Some other cool and futuristic (and some traditional, but still really cool) doors are at the Facebook page Unusual Door. You can find the link below, if you’d like to take a peek!

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